Friday, 3 July 2009

Twink Takes An Anal Ride In The Van

Anal Ride In The Van

Check out these pictures from today’s Crazy Gay Bus adventure. This man just wanted a ride home, but he ended up getting a completely different ride home. He had no idea that it was going to end up like this. He knows not to get into vans with strangers, but he had a long walk home and they seemed so nice. However, instead of them taking him to his house, they took him to a field in the middle of nowhere.

He didn’t know what to say or do. He soon realized that these men were gay and in exchange for the ride home, they wanted sex. He was straight, never even thought about having sex with another boy before, but this turned him on. He said he would do whatever they want, as long as no one else ever found out. He was soon giving his first blowjob, sucking penis for the very first time. He actually enjoyed it. Then when one of the fellow’s slid his thick rod into his tight anus, it hurt at first, but it felt so good.

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Fuck addicted Twink Filled With Sexy Goo

Two Chaps<br /> Fucking

Last night, these two fuck addicted boys met at the new gay club downtown. As you can see they really hit it off, and they decided to head some place a lot more private to really get to know each other, if you know what I mean. Check out these x-rated photos and see what happened when they got back to the apartment. They were so full of lust and desire, that it was practically a race to take off their clothes. Soon, they were both naked, admiring each other’s tight bodies and hard cocks.

Of course, they did a lot more than just look at each other. Soon, one of the boys was giving his new friend a oral sex. It didn’t stop their either. That twink ended up getting his tight ass drilled. The wild part is that they didn’t use a rubber
and soon the other twink was coming in his new lover’s cute ass. He filled it with so much semen, that it came juicy out.

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Fuck starved Twink Deepthroating

Favorite Boys

These two boys met at a gay bar last night. They hit off right away and decided to go back to some place more private. Just an hour after meeting each other, they were enjoying a few drinks back at the apartment. Soon, they were feeling a little buzzed and very fuck addicted. That’s when things started to get really interesting. Check out these hardcore pictures and see what happened.

The boys were soon all over each other, helping each other take off their clothes and revealing their tight bodies. One of the boys asked the other for a oral sex. He acted all shy at first, but it became instantly clear that this wasn’t his first time giving a blowjob. He had definitely given more than his fair share of blowjobs. He made this cock feel so good and he didn’t stop until his new friend was ready to ball batter.

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Karate Student Turns Into Sex Servant

Gay Cartoon

Check out these scenes from this Gay Cartoon adventure. This one features two martial artist students, as a reward the winner gets the other as a servant for the day. Usually in a situation like this, the winner will make the loser clean, do all of his chores and things like that. However, the winner of this fight had something else in mind. While his opponent was still on the ground, he ripped his pants.

Next he ordered the loser to give him a oral pleasure
. The opponent was shocked, he was straight, but he had no choice but to do what the winner wanted. He was soon giving his very first oral sex. The master who had been watching couldn’t resist joining in putting his dick out their to be sucked. By the end, the loser was getting ass nailed by his opponent and sucking his teacher’s dick at the same time.

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Teacher Shows Twinks How To Fuck

Teacher Shows Twinks How To Fuck

Check out these gay sex pics and follow along with today’s lesson. These two horny twinks have had sex a few times, but it’s been mostly awkward, uncomfortable and unsatisfying. They decided to seek the help of someone that was more aged, this older gay teacher was more than willing to help them. He’s been teaching twinks all about sex for years and he was sure that he could help these gay lovers.

Today’s lesson covered several different topics. The first was the sixty-nine positions. He finds their oral sex technique is above average and they only need a few adjustments to their mouth positioning. Next, they move on to anal sex. They’ve been fucking doggy style, but he disciplined them two new positions, both were more comfortable and felt so much more satisfying. These two boys were very satisfied customers.

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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Crossdressers Seduce Straight Dude

Studs Fun

Take a look at these hardcore pictures and see how these crossdressers seduced this straight chap
. He was bored last night and logged onto one of those adult dating sites, hoping to find a woman that wanted a one night stand. Instead, he thought he found two. However, when he saw there was something a little weird about their images and he didn’t realize what it was until he saw them in person. These weren’t females, they were studs dressed as females.

He could’ve left then, but he was so horny that he just needed to get off. It wasn’t long before he was inside of their apartment and clothes were starting to come off. He said he wouldn’t have sex with them, but if they wanted to give him blowjobs that was perfectly fine with him. Soon, these two crossdressers were taking turns sucking his weenie. They didn’t stop until they had made him cum! He couldn’t believe how good of penis suckers these men were.

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Crossdressing Twink Seduces His Boyfriend

Cross Dressing Twink Gets Fucked

Tonight, when this gay dude named Carl came home, he found his boyfriend waiting for him, but this time he was dressed like a woman. He was wearing a wig, skirt, bra and panties. He had to admit that seeing Carl like that really turned him on. Check out these hardcore gay pictures and see what happened. Carl couldn’t hide his growing hard on but his boyfriend or should I say girlfriend knew exactly how to take care of that.

It wasn’t long before the boyfriend was giving a Carl a blowjob on the living room couch. When he looked down, with the wig on the, boyfriend looked just like a gal. Of course it didn’t stop there. Soon, his skirt was around his wait and his panties were coming off. Carl couldn’t hold back any longer, he had to fuck his lover’s tight ass now. He was so turned on by the crossdressing that he fuck his boyfriend harder than he ever had before.

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Nice-looking Twinks Jerking Off To Gay Porn

Hot Twinks Jerking Off To Gay Porn

These two friends were just going to stay in and watch some movies tonight. However, neither of them thought that they would be watching gay porn. But as the night went on, they ran out of videos to watch and started flipping through the channels. That’s where they came across a video of two twinks giving each other blowjobs. They were nervous, didn’t know what to say to each other, didn’t know what to do, but neither of them wanted to change the channel.

Check out these photos and see what happened next. They didn’t say anything to each other, but soon their clothes were coming off, revealing their tight, tender bodies. They soon had their hands in underwear, stroking their sausages. They watched the video, they watched each other! This was one hundred times better than just watching a porn by yourself. They couldn’t believe what was going on.

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Bad Cowboys On The Ride Again

Cock Sucking Skills And A Tight Ass

The bad cowboys are out causing trouble again! Check out these photos from their adventure the other day. The authorities are out on the hunt for them, but that won’t stop Black Mustang And Billy The Kidd from robbing another unsuspecting man. This farm hand was just out working in the field when the cold-blooded duo cornered him. He couldn’t escape and he was forced two do what these two bad cowboys wanted.

He thought that they would want his money, but they wanted something else. They wanted this studs mouth around their cocks. He pleaded that he wasn’t gay, but they didn’t care. And he may have not been gay, but he sure sucked cock like a pro. And they weren’t happy with just blowjobs, soon these bad cowboys were taking turns fucking his tight ass.

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Gay Boy Barebacks His Boyfriend

Gay Boy Barebacks His Boyfriend

Check out these taboo photos of this gay boy barebacking his boyfriend. These two dudes have had sex hundreds of times, but it’s always been with the protection of a rubber
. However, tonight they’re out of condoms and too horny to waste time with a trip to the store to buy some more. Plus, just once they want to see what it feels likes. What’s the worse that can happen?

It’s not long before things start to get really nice-looking and clothes start to come off. It starts with a blowjob, but it’s not long before the one boyfriend is on his back, eagerly awaiting his boyfriend’s hard fuck tool
. Neither of them can believe how much better it feels without a condom as the one fellow slides his rod into his boyfriend’s tight ass. He can’t hold back, he fucks his boyfriend as hard as he can. He doesn’t stop until he explodes inside of his lover’s ass a few minutes later.

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Friday, 15 May 2009

Boy Tag Teamed In The Back Of The Bus

Creamy Black Dick

This cute guy was walking home because his car had broken down when two nice men stopped and offered him a ride. He had a long walk so he eagerly agreed, however he would soon be regretting the decision to get into the van. Instead, of taking him home, the studs took him to an empty field. He thought that they were going to rob him of his wallet but they had something else that they wanted to steal - his anal virginity. Check out these photos
from this Crazy Gay Bus Adventure

He was nervous, but a little turned on. He had gay fantasies before and now they were finally going to come true. They were soon making him suck both of their hard sausages. It was his first time giving a blowjob, but he did an excellent job. Then, they took turns fucking his ass. He had to admit that it hurt a lot, but he loved the way it felt to have anal sex. When it was all over, they came all over his face!

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Gay Guy Filled With Charming Goo

Gay Boy Filled With Pretty Cum

Check out these photos from this very sexy gay threesome. In the middle of it all is a fuck starved
boy that loves to suck weenie and get his ass pumped. He likes getting blowjobs and being the one on the giving end, but he loves to make other chaps
semen. Last night, two of his gay friends came over. It wasn’t long before things started to get very pretty and clothes started to come off and excellent bodies were revealed!

Soon, this fuck addicted gay dude had two cocks to play with. They were meaty and he went back and forth, giving them both blowjobs. Soon, he had one penis in his mouth, while the other man was penetrating his tight ass. He got his ass fucked, then filled with goo. The jizz came soaked out! Then the other dude exploded in his mouth just a few seconds later.

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Coed Boy Gives His First Oral sex

Favorite Boys

Until last night, these two were just friends. Neither of them had never even kissed another man, but that all changed last night. Check out these photos and see what happened. They went out to a bar and had a few drinks while they checked out the women there. However, when the bar closed, they went home together to do some more drinking. Then it happened, the one guy asked if the other guy would give him head. The younger of the two had never even had gay thoughts before, but the idea of giving head really turned him on now.

He was nervous as he took a cock in his mouth for the first time, but he really enjoyed it. He liked the way the cock felt as it slid between his lips. Feeling the knob in his mouth turned him on even more. He didn’t think he was going to enjoy it this much. It was a little awkward at first, but soon he was giving a blowjob like a pro. He didn’t stop until he made his friend goo a few minutes later. I don’t think it’ll be his last time giving a blowjob.

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Gay Toon Threesome

Gay Cartoon

Check out today’s x-rated adventure from Gay Cartoon. This steamy toon episode features three gay guys. Today, two of them are picking up their friend at the train station. They haven’t seen him for years and had no idea that he was gay. However, by the time the get back to the apartment, he’s on his knees and ready for some hard cock. They took turns fucking him and getting blowjobs! It was definitely one of the wildest nights of their lives!

Want to see more beautiful and hardcore gay cartoons? Click here to visit the Gay Cartoon website. That’s the only place where you can see the complete adventures. That’s where these toons get really wild and kinky. This is definitely the kind of action that you can’t see anywhere else. Let your wildest fantasies run free and see them fulfilled by these randy cartoon guys.

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Gay Final Exam

Gay Dude Runs Threesome

It’s final exam time at Gay Lessons. All semester long these twinks have been learning the art of gay sex from their gay teacher. They’ve spent hours practicing their oral skills and spent long nights building up their stamina. It was a lot of hard work, but they also had a lot of fun. Today, we get to find out if they passed or if they’ll have to take the course over next year. Check out these x-rated photos from their final exam.

The first part f the exam is anal sex. They have to pass both the giving and receiving. As you can see from the photos, they both passed with flying colors. Then, it’s time for their oral exam. The teacher watches their technique on each other, then for good measure, he has them suck on his hard sausage too. They both pass with straight A’s, although there is definitely nothing straight about these fuck addicted twinks.

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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Cute Man Goes For A Crazy Ride

Crazy Gay Bus

He definitely got into the wrong bus today. All this eighteen year old boy wanted was a ride home. However, he hitched a ride with the wrong men and got a lot more than he ever expected. He was walking home from class today because his car had broken down and was in the shop. He thought he was in luck when these men stopped and offered him a ride. However, he should’ve known better. Everyone knows that you don’t get into vans with complete strangers. Instead of taking him home, they took him to an empty field in the middle of nowhere.

Check out all these photos from this crazy gay experience. These dudes were soon joining him in the back of the van, taking out their cocks. He wasn’t gay and he didn’t know what to do. However, the only thing it seemed that he could do was to start sucking their knobs. He thought that he was going to hate it, but he started to like it. A few minutes later when one of these gay fellows was entering his virgin butthole, he really started to like it. He knew this wouldn’t be his last gay experience.

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Twink Cum Addict

Cute Goo Addicted Twink

Yesterday, we had a cute coed cutie pie filled with cock juice, so I thought I should be fair and today I would post a photo gallery of a horny guy filled with goo so everyone is happy. Check out these pictures of these two twinks going at it. It’s not long before clothes are coming off, toned bodies are revealed and erections are growing. You can tell that these boys are first timers, they know exactly what they’re doing and exactly what they want.

It’s not long before the white dude is giving a oral pleasure
to his gay lover. He could easily make him sperm with just his mouth, but he wants to feel that hard sausage deep inside of his ass. Soon his lover is gently penetrating him with his rock solid cock. He goes slow at first, but it’s not long before he’s going faster and faster until he’s literally pounding his lover’s tight dark hole. It feels excellent for both of them. The only thing that feels better is when his lover cums deep inside of his ass, filling it with semen. There’s so much goo that it comes slick out!

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at Semen From The Ass

Boys Having Their Own Party

Favorite Boys

Check out how these cute boys spent New Years Eve. There were parties to go to, clubs to dance the night away in, but these two decided to stay in. Instead, they had their own little party. Sometime after midnight, these two started to feel very fuck addicted. It started off simple enough with the boys having a fun pillow fight. However, it ended with them kissing. For both of them it was their first time making out with another boy. They had both had gay fantasies but this was their first time acting out on it.

Soon one of the boys, was taking off his friend’s jeans. They were both nervous, but very excited at the same time. Just seeing the bulge in his friend’s underwear got him even more excited, he couldn’t wait to give his first oral sex. Soon, he had his beautiful lips wrapped around the semi-hard cock. He made it complete hard with his mouth. He did a lot more than just make his friend hard. Soon, he was sliding his lips up and down the hard shaft, well on his way to making his friend semen.

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Gay Cowboy Cartoons

Gay Cartoon

This isn’t like any of the Saturday morning cartoons, I remember. Check out these hardcore toons from one of the latest Gay Cartoon adventures. This one features two lonely cowboys. Alone and in the middle of nowhere, a long of things can happen. When they come across each other they’re ready to fight for territory, but instead they end up having sex. They challenge each other for a duel and the one with the smaller penis loses and has to do whatever the other one wants!

Soon, the younger of two the two cartoon cowboys is on his knees. He lost the duel and is know forced to suck on the other cowboy’s beefy weenie. It’s his first time sucking rod and soon he has another first. He loses his anal virginity. The thick cock goes deep inside of his tight ass causing immense pain and pleasure. He never thought that he would have gay sex, but he’s definitely enjoying it as the hard cock is thrust deep inside of his ass!

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Twink Learns To Suck dick

Gay Lessons

Class is in session! Check out these gay photos so that you can follow along with today’s lesson. Today, these two cute twinks are going to learn all about cock sucking in Mr. Smith’s Blowjobs 101 class. Neither of these boys have ever given a oral sex before and they’re really nervous about doing it wrong. Luckily, there’s experienced gay men like Mr. Smith that are more than willing to school these boys how to suck cock correctly. He has had many years of experience giving blowjobs and will be a great teacher for these boys.

Mr. Smith has one of the boys give his lover a blowjob while he watches and corrects his technique. When the nice-looking dude seems to need some help, Mr. Smith is more than willing to get on his knees and show by example. Soon, the chap
is sucking weenie like someone with much more experience. Then to pass the final exam for this class, he sucks Mr. Smith’s cock. He definitely approves of this oral pleasure
and gives this young fellow an “A+”

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