Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Cute Man Goes For A Crazy Ride

Crazy Gay Bus

He definitely got into the wrong bus today. All this eighteen year old boy wanted was a ride home. However, he hitched a ride with the wrong men and got a lot more than he ever expected. He was walking home from class today because his car had broken down and was in the shop. He thought he was in luck when these men stopped and offered him a ride. However, he should’ve known better. Everyone knows that you don’t get into vans with complete strangers. Instead of taking him home, they took him to an empty field in the middle of nowhere.

Check out all these photos from this crazy gay experience. These dudes were soon joining him in the back of the van, taking out their cocks. He wasn’t gay and he didn’t know what to do. However, the only thing it seemed that he could do was to start sucking their knobs. He thought that he was going to hate it, but he started to like it. A few minutes later when one of these gay fellows was entering his virgin butthole, he really started to like it. He knew this wouldn’t be his last gay experience.

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Twink Cum Addict

Cute Goo Addicted Twink

Yesterday, we had a cute coed cutie pie filled with cock juice, so I thought I should be fair and today I would post a photo gallery of a horny guy filled with goo so everyone is happy. Check out these pictures of these two twinks going at it. It’s not long before clothes are coming off, toned bodies are revealed and erections are growing. You can tell that these boys are first timers, they know exactly what they’re doing and exactly what they want.

It’s not long before the white dude is giving a oral pleasure
to his gay lover. He could easily make him sperm with just his mouth, but he wants to feel that hard sausage deep inside of his ass. Soon his lover is gently penetrating him with his rock solid cock. He goes slow at first, but it’s not long before he’s going faster and faster until he’s literally pounding his lover’s tight dark hole. It feels excellent for both of them. The only thing that feels better is when his lover cums deep inside of his ass, filling it with semen. There’s so much goo that it comes slick out!

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Boys Having Their Own Party

Favorite Boys

Check out how these cute boys spent New Years Eve. There were parties to go to, clubs to dance the night away in, but these two decided to stay in. Instead, they had their own little party. Sometime after midnight, these two started to feel very fuck addicted. It started off simple enough with the boys having a fun pillow fight. However, it ended with them kissing. For both of them it was their first time making out with another boy. They had both had gay fantasies but this was their first time acting out on it.

Soon one of the boys, was taking off his friend’s jeans. They were both nervous, but very excited at the same time. Just seeing the bulge in his friend’s underwear got him even more excited, he couldn’t wait to give his first oral sex. Soon, he had his beautiful lips wrapped around the semi-hard cock. He made it complete hard with his mouth. He did a lot more than just make his friend hard. Soon, he was sliding his lips up and down the hard shaft, well on his way to making his friend semen.

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Gay Cowboy Cartoons

Gay Cartoon

This isn’t like any of the Saturday morning cartoons, I remember. Check out these hardcore toons from one of the latest Gay Cartoon adventures. This one features two lonely cowboys. Alone and in the middle of nowhere, a long of things can happen. When they come across each other they’re ready to fight for territory, but instead they end up having sex. They challenge each other for a duel and the one with the smaller penis loses and has to do whatever the other one wants!

Soon, the younger of two the two cartoon cowboys is on his knees. He lost the duel and is know forced to suck on the other cowboy’s beefy weenie. It’s his first time sucking rod and soon he has another first. He loses his anal virginity. The thick cock goes deep inside of his tight ass causing immense pain and pleasure. He never thought that he would have gay sex, but he’s definitely enjoying it as the hard cock is thrust deep inside of his ass!

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Twink Learns To Suck dick

Gay Lessons

Class is in session! Check out these gay photos so that you can follow along with today’s lesson. Today, these two cute twinks are going to learn all about cock sucking in Mr. Smith’s Blowjobs 101 class. Neither of these boys have ever given a oral sex before and they’re really nervous about doing it wrong. Luckily, there’s experienced gay men like Mr. Smith that are more than willing to school these boys how to suck cock correctly. He has had many years of experience giving blowjobs and will be a great teacher for these boys.

Mr. Smith has one of the boys give his lover a blowjob while he watches and corrects his technique. When the nice-looking dude seems to need some help, Mr. Smith is more than willing to get on his knees and show by example. Soon, the chap
is sucking weenie like someone with much more experience. Then to pass the final exam for this class, he sucks Mr. Smith’s cock. He definitely approves of this oral pleasure
and gives this young fellow an “A+”

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