Friday, 15 May 2009

Boy Tag Teamed In The Back Of The Bus

Creamy Black Dick

This cute guy was walking home because his car had broken down when two nice men stopped and offered him a ride. He had a long walk so he eagerly agreed, however he would soon be regretting the decision to get into the van. Instead, of taking him home, the studs took him to an empty field. He thought that they were going to rob him of his wallet but they had something else that they wanted to steal - his anal virginity. Check out these photos
from this Crazy Gay Bus Adventure

He was nervous, but a little turned on. He had gay fantasies before and now they were finally going to come true. They were soon making him suck both of their hard sausages. It was his first time giving a blowjob, but he did an excellent job. Then, they took turns fucking his ass. He had to admit that it hurt a lot, but he loved the way it felt to have anal sex. When it was all over, they came all over his face!

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Gay Guy Filled With Charming Goo

Gay Boy Filled With Pretty Cum

Check out these photos from this very sexy gay threesome. In the middle of it all is a fuck starved
boy that loves to suck weenie and get his ass pumped. He likes getting blowjobs and being the one on the giving end, but he loves to make other chaps
semen. Last night, two of his gay friends came over. It wasn’t long before things started to get very pretty and clothes started to come off and excellent bodies were revealed!

Soon, this fuck addicted gay dude had two cocks to play with. They were meaty and he went back and forth, giving them both blowjobs. Soon, he had one penis in his mouth, while the other man was penetrating his tight ass. He got his ass fucked, then filled with goo. The jizz came soaked out! Then the other dude exploded in his mouth just a few seconds later.

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Coed Boy Gives His First Oral sex

Favorite Boys

Until last night, these two were just friends. Neither of them had never even kissed another man, but that all changed last night. Check out these photos and see what happened. They went out to a bar and had a few drinks while they checked out the women there. However, when the bar closed, they went home together to do some more drinking. Then it happened, the one guy asked if the other guy would give him head. The younger of the two had never even had gay thoughts before, but the idea of giving head really turned him on now.

He was nervous as he took a cock in his mouth for the first time, but he really enjoyed it. He liked the way the cock felt as it slid between his lips. Feeling the knob in his mouth turned him on even more. He didn’t think he was going to enjoy it this much. It was a little awkward at first, but soon he was giving a blowjob like a pro. He didn’t stop until he made his friend goo a few minutes later. I don’t think it’ll be his last time giving a blowjob.

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Gay Toon Threesome

Gay Cartoon

Check out today’s x-rated adventure from Gay Cartoon. This steamy toon episode features three gay guys. Today, two of them are picking up their friend at the train station. They haven’t seen him for years and had no idea that he was gay. However, by the time the get back to the apartment, he’s on his knees and ready for some hard cock. They took turns fucking him and getting blowjobs! It was definitely one of the wildest nights of their lives!

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Gay Final Exam

Gay Dude Runs Threesome

It’s final exam time at Gay Lessons. All semester long these twinks have been learning the art of gay sex from their gay teacher. They’ve spent hours practicing their oral skills and spent long nights building up their stamina. It was a lot of hard work, but they also had a lot of fun. Today, we get to find out if they passed or if they’ll have to take the course over next year. Check out these x-rated photos from their final exam.

The first part f the exam is anal sex. They have to pass both the giving and receiving. As you can see from the photos, they both passed with flying colors. Then, it’s time for their oral exam. The teacher watches their technique on each other, then for good measure, he has them suck on his hard sausage too. They both pass with straight A’s, although there is definitely nothing straight about these fuck addicted twinks.

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