Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Gay Cowboy Cartoons

Gay Cartoon

This isn’t like any of the Saturday morning cartoons, I remember. Check out these hardcore toons from one of the latest Gay Cartoon adventures. This one features two lonely cowboys. Alone and in the middle of nowhere, a long of things can happen. When they come across each other they’re ready to fight for territory, but instead they end up having sex. They challenge each other for a duel and the one with the smaller penis loses and has to do whatever the other one wants!

Soon, the younger of two the two cartoon cowboys is on his knees. He lost the duel and is know forced to suck on the other cowboy’s beefy weenie. It’s his first time sucking rod and soon he has another first. He loses his anal virginity. The thick cock goes deep inside of his tight ass causing immense pain and pleasure. He never thought that he would have gay sex, but he’s definitely enjoying it as the hard cock is thrust deep inside of his ass!

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