Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Bad Cowboys On The Ride Again

Cock Sucking Skills And A Tight Ass

The bad cowboys are out causing trouble again! Check out these photos from their adventure the other day. The authorities are out on the hunt for them, but that won’t stop Black Mustang And Billy The Kidd from robbing another unsuspecting man. This farm hand was just out working in the field when the cold-blooded duo cornered him. He couldn’t escape and he was forced two do what these two bad cowboys wanted.

He thought that they would want his money, but they wanted something else. They wanted this studs mouth around their cocks. He pleaded that he wasn’t gay, but they didn’t care. And he may have not been gay, but he sure sucked cock like a pro. And they weren’t happy with just blowjobs, soon these bad cowboys were taking turns fucking his tight ass.

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