Friday, 10 October 2008

Three Black Weenies And One White Chap

Three Black Fuck tools To Suck

When I walked into the room and saw those three impressive black men just sitting there nonchalant, waiting on me to arrive, my sausage immediately got hard. I knew that these three kings had to be served—and served in a way that befitted their supremacy and masculinity. Since they were already naked and prepped, all I had to do is get down on my knees in front of them and pay homage to their slightly erect penises, lightly caressing one while licking the nuts of another. Check out these images from my black fuck tool adventure.

Gorgeous Damn, I couldn’t help myself. I was feeling so horny just waiting for their huge black weenies to slide inside me one by one while I sucked the ever-loving piss out of their growing boners. And suck I did, giving each stud a oral pleasure that he would never forget, I couldn’t wait to get my ass filled to the cods working my tight ass up and down over their beefy fuck tools. Wanting to sperm just thinking about those glamorous sausages fucking the shit out of me, I unzipped my pants so fast and was riding a weenie before I knew it, begging for more. And more action I got too when the tall good looking man rammed his huge black member into my warm soaked mouth. Sucking so hard I almost lost it, as the second king’s massive black ramrod that was fucking me kept filling up my ass over and over, stretching out that anus so far I knew I could never go back to white boys again. When the third chocolate boy demanded that I caress his balls, I knew this is where I belonged. Filling all their desires was my ultimate fantasy come true. As we all came simultaneously, I could only lay down in front of them and beg for more.

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