Monday, 10 November 2008

Gay Cowboys Find Their Next Victim

Cute Guy Between Two Heavy<br /> Cocks

It looks like Black Mustang and Billy The Kid are up to no good again. These two gay cowboys have been terrorizing the wild west and it seems that no one can stop them. Today, they were riding along when they spotted their next victim. He was a cute guy that was just minding his own business, relaxing by a tree after a long day of riding. Check out these photos of Black Mustang And Billy The Kid pulling off their next great robber - this guy’s anal virginity.

This stud had never heard of Black Mustang and Billy The Kid, but he knew he was in trouble and soon realized that the only way he would get away alive was if he followed everyone of their orders. He was soon ordered to give both of these gay criminals blowjobs. He had never given a blowjob before, but he was a quick learner. He’d never had his cute ass nailed before, but it wasn’t long before he was getting penetrated in the ass. Both of these bad cowboys took their turn fucking him!

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