Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Gay Mailman Makes A Special Delivery

Gay Postman Makes A Special Delivery

Check out these steamy scenes from the latest Gay Cartoon adventure. Today, we have a hunky postman that is out making a very special late night delivery. This package couldn’t wait to be delivered tomorrow, it had to be delivered tonight. The man that was receiving it wasn’t expecting anything, but it would soon change his life. Never before had this boy had any gay thoughts, but when he saw this boy standing in his doorway, he started to have some very gay thoughts cloud his brain.

The least that he could do was invite the postman in to thank him for the late night delivery on this package. It seems that that there was more than the package that mailman wanted to deliver. Soon, these two studs were kissing, feeling each others beefy bodies in their arms. It wasn’t long before clothes were ripped off and these dudes were really getting to know each other. The mailman delivered his beefy package deep inside of the other guy. They had sex standing up and didn’t stop until both of them were satisfied with the mailman’s services.

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