Friday, 14 November 2008

Wedding Night Gay Foursome

Wedding Night Gay Foursome

Two cute boys, Anton And Alexander just got married today. It seemed like the reception took forever because they couldn’t wait to get up to the hotel room and really celebrate their marriage. However, when these two horny boys got up there they found two of their friends already in their hotel room. The two college boys were having sex right on their hotel bed. Some people might be angry, but not Anton Alexander, they just wanted to join in on the fun too. Check out these hardcore gay photos from this wedding night adventure.

When the newlyweds opened the bedroom door, their friend Alex was having his tight ass nailed by his boyfriend named Evgeny. It was a sight to see, but the married couple had a better idea. They had the intruders to their room suck on their ramrods, giving them blowjobs. However, it wasn’t long before all four of them were naked and on the bed. The boys were taking turns fucking whatever cute ass was closest to them at the time. They didn’t stop until everyone had crammed
, been fucked and cum many times!

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